‘Brainwashed’ North Korea Will Defend Kim Jong-Un “With Kamikaze Pilots Flying Planes Loaded With Bombs”

North-Korean-leader-Kim-Jong-Un-reacts-with-members-of-the-Korean-Peoples-ArmyJurnalpatrolinews – Pyongyang, Kim Jong-un will be protected by a brainwashed North Korea including kamikaze pilots on planes loaded with bombs, a retired general has warned.

In-Bum Chun, the former deputy commander of South Korea’s army said overthrowing the dictator will be like trying to “get rid of Allah” and nothing like removing Saddam Hussein.

The military might at Kim’s power includes 1,000 fighter jets that could be redeployed as Kamikaze aircraft, snf Lieutenent-General Chun said universal conscription means men have to serve in the army for 11 years and women at least six or seven.

Speaking to an audience at the Policy Exchange in London, General Chun said: “It’s not like trying to get rid of [Saddam Hussein]. It’s like trying to get rid of Allah.”

The Times reported that General Chun also likened Kim’s family to a “cult”.

He claimed that 14-year-old children receive 100 hours of military training a year, collective punishment is handed out to entire families for individual misbehaviour and that children as young as 12 are being trained as hackers for cyber warfare.

It comes after top scientists warned that the country could have enough atomic material to build between 30 and 60 nuclear weapons = and may already have assembled 20 warheads.

In its latest journal, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists “cautiously” estimated that Pyongyang may have produced enough fissile material – which help produce a violent explosion – to build 30 to The scientists wrote: “It is possible that North Korea has operational nuclear warheads for shorter-range missiles such as the Nodong. (Source : mirror.co.uk)